The world’s most advanced predictive analytics platform for live sports.

Supercomputing experts built our cloud-based platform to keep sports betting operators and sports media companies ahead of the next play. Our proprietary Sports Machine Learning and AI Algorithms seamlessly process dozens of concurrent games and sports.

Real-Time Odds for Every Possible Play Outcome

Unleash the power of in-game betting by generating markets and odds for every play with our NextPlayLive API media and betting feeds.

Lightning-Fast Predictive AI Models and Output

Our technology analyzes over 120 inputs including key data points live from the field, historical player and league data, and even considers venue details to generate predictions in less than 1 second.

Intelligent In-Game and Historical Context Awareness

Our proprietary NextPlayLive models not only work to uncover predictions and probabilities but help us to discover trends over time, and identify unique or unusual outcomes in a way humans could not.

Start building next-gen sports betting and media experiences with nVenue.

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