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Micro-betting Markets built for the books, designed for the fan.

By utilizing nVenue's powerful micro-betting data feed, sports betting operators and platform providers can offer seamless play-by-play, micro-markets intelligently and at scale, while increasing fan engagement, action, and handle.

Now available across MLB, NBA, NFL and NASCAR.

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This text block will be the setup to the opportunity nVenue can provide to this specific customer type. It should allude to the status quo or the current problem.
This text block will be the setup to the opportunity nVenue can provide to this specific customer type. It should allude to the status quo or the current problem.

Sports betting is limited by current technology.

There’s more than just pre-game. The rise of in-game betting has left fans wanting more. Without machine learning engines, operators are missing out on big plays between the buzzers.


Over / Under
Player Props

Unlock thousands of new betting opportunities for each game or race.

Our platform was built to enable fans to bet on a moment, in the moment. Using our micro-market betting feed, operators can allow fans to bet on individual plays and game segments.

*Explore examples of potential micro-betting market possibilities below.
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Every 30 Sec*
Pitch Type
Pitch Speed
Pitch Result
Steal Attempt
Rush / Pass
Yards Gained
Kickoff Results
Free Throw Results

Play Series

Every 1-2 Min*
At Bat Results
At Bat Player Props
Set of Downs Results
Set of Downs Props
First Team to x Points
First Team to x Points Props

Game Segment

Every 5-20 Min*
Inning Results
Inning Props
Possession Results
Possession Props
Quarter Results
Quarter Props
Period Result
Period Props

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Engineered to handle the demands of real-time predictions and odds-making.

Our predictive engine is engineered for the speed and scale required to fully capitalize on the in-game bettering opportunity. We've designed our product to solve the numerous challenges associated with offering real-time betting experiences to fans.

Surface the best betting opportunities across in-play markets.

Rather than provide thousands of low-impact betting moments, we use AI to surface the best markets to optimize for engagement, accuracy, and profitability.

Fast enough to stay in sync with gameplay.

Our engine powers predictions and odds in less than a second, allowing for in-game betting opportunities like never before

IntelligenT timing to maximize the integrity and bet  time

Our technology guides the opening and closing of a micro-market bet, limiting cheating but maximizing the fans' betting opportunity.

Betting markets available for NBA, NFL, MLB, and NASCAR.

Focus on front-end development and customer acquisition while our lightning-fast betting feed packages thousands of micro-bets via an easy to integrate betting feed API.

Bet-Ready Tech with Less Head Count
Increase Handle per Game
Next-Level Fan Engagement
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