Predictions and odds for every play in less than a second.

Unlock the power of sports machine learning and artificial intelligence to introduce thousands of new micro-markets, allowing fans to engage with every moment of the game.
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Micro-Betting API

Probabilities, lines, and odds for every play outcome.

Our NextPlay API currently delivers real-time probabilities and predictions for both MLB and NFL games. With a near zero-latency feed, sports betting operators, data providers, and sports media can introduce thousands of new micro-markets to fans while also offering rich, entertaining content in real-time.

Powering Real-Time Predictions for Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+

Real-time predictive analytics powering sports entertainment experiences of the future.

Real-Time Odds for Every Possible Play Outcome
Lightning-Fast Processing and Output
Intelligent In-Game & Historical Context Awareness

for Betting

Unlock thousands of new micro-markets for every game with the NextPlayBet API.

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for Media

Change the game with curated analytics and predictions to keep fans engaged on any screen.

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Start building next-gen sports betting and media experiences with nVenue.

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