Build micro-betting and media experiences with nVenue.

Bring the power of moment-by-moment market making and in-game predictions to your app or experience.

Build with nVenue

The micro-betting API built for the future of sports betting.

Leverage our AI to calculate probabilities, lines, and odds for dozens of in-game markets across professional sports leagues. Our API allows developers to create exciting new sports gaming and media experiences based on moment-by-moment in-game action.

Real-time probabilities and odds backed by machine learning and AI.

API responses fast enough to stay in sync and update with every play.

Thousands of live micro-markets across MLB, NFL, and NBA with more on the way.

Market Manager gives betting operators control and visibility of all live markets.

For Betting Operators & Trading Teams
The control and visibility to manage live micro-bets and increase handle.
Watch micro-markets across games and leagues.
Manage individual markets and pricing.
Customize profiles for streamlined management.

Start building the next generation of sports experiences with nVenue.

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