August 24, 2023

nVenue Announces NBC Sports Analyst Matthew Berry as Advisor

Leading Sports Betting & Technology Company Also Announces first NFL Micro-Betting Markets Product

Dallas, Oct. 13, 2022 - Today, nVenue - a sports betting and technology company that is innovating predictive analytics and micro-betting - announced that NBC Sports analyst MatthewBerry will be joining nVenue’s advisory team to advance micro-bets. In his role, Berry will help nVenue showcase its material, advise on developing markets and player props in the moment, and support developing the future of watching and betting in real-time.

“I have always believed in the value that nVenue’s technology brings to the table for fans,” said Matthew Berry. “I’ve made a career out of giving advice, and I look forward to sharing the many learnings of my career in sports with the team. I believe micro-betting will be the next big way for fans to engage with sports, and nVenue’s technology expertise is taking this to the next level.”

“Matthew has been tremendously helpful in his advisory role for nVenue,” said Kelly Pracht, CEO & Founder of nVenue. “He has encouraged us to be creative with our markets and think intentionally about the future of micros for football. We look forward to collaborating with him to showcase millions of NFL micro-bets to fans each year.”

In addition to announcing Berry as an advisor, nVenue is also officially launching NFL micro-betting markets and has begun delivering these markets via their NextPlayLive API. Over seventy thousand football markets will be available for operators and data providers each week during the regular season of NFL.

Following the resounding success nVenue has had through its partnership with Major LeagueBaseball in powering the predictive analytics for Friday night MLB games on Apple TV+. The company will bring its historical sports data layered with live data inputs from the field to quickly and accurately generate probabilities of outcomes for each play of a football game. The company is actively discussing opportunities to enhance additional sports broadcasts with its predictive data.

About nVenue:

Founded in 2019 by former Hewlett Packard senior engineer Kelly Pracht in 2019, nVenue is slated to disrupt the ever-emerging micro-betting industry. nVenue’s micro-betting engine allows for both media and betting operators to offer up thousands of new betting opportunities (micro-markets) in addition to engaging game and betting content. nVenue was a member of the inaugural Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech Accelerator in 2021. For more information, please visit their website at, and follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.